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One year of COVID-19 lockdown in Kerala

Author : admin   |   Date: Mar 11, 2021

It was through Kerala that coronavirus first entered India. The infection was brought by a girl medical student from Wuhan in China, where the pandemic is believed to have originated. Armed with the experience of successfully fighting the deadly Nipah virus, Kerala quickly put in place a containment strategy that has brought the state global recognition.

Even before the national lockdown was declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Kerala government clamped down a near-lockdown state-wide and all public functions, including religious gatherings, were banned and an elaborate system was introduced for contact tracing in reported cases and containment regime.

But one year later, despite the initial euphoria and success, the state has faltered along the way and even had the dubious distinction of reporting the highest daily caseloads for a number of days running. There were even allegations that the state health authorities had more achievements in terms of public relations rather than real success on the ground.

But amidst all the claims and counter-claims the fact remains that at no point of the epidemic was the public health system overwhelmed by patient overflow and mortality rate. Delaying the peak meant that the disease transmission would be slow and prolonged in the community. This also meant that it would take longer for the state to achieve the herd immunity.

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